Naturally Relieve Your Insomnia & Anxiety

Simply by holding it in your hand, the Chill Pill quickly relieves symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. This revolutionary new drug-free method is safe1, has zero side effects1, and is proven to be effective for people of all ages.

Say hello to natural, effective relief!

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For Anxiety & Insomnia
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Scientifically Proven To Help You Fall Asleep
& Relieve Your Anxiety

The Chill Pill is safe, noninvasive, easy to use, and can be taken with you everywhere you go.

easy & effective

How It Works

It sounds unbelievable: Just by holding the Chill Pill in your hand, you can quickly reduce symptoms of anxiety and fall asleep – while enjoying better sleep quality and reducing stress. But it’s true – and we have the science and the real user stories to prove it!

It’s all thanks to the breakthrough method called Electrotherapy Stimulation, which sends gentle electronic pulses from your hand to your brain that tell your nervous system to relax. This method is 100% safe1 and natural… and now, thanks to the Chill Pill, you finally have an affordable handheld version you can take anywhere!

stop anxiety in its tracks

Quickly Calm Yourself Down – Anytime, Anywhere

Carrying a Chill Pill is like having a warm hug in your pocket that you can discreetly turn to whenever you need a bit of comfort and calm.

It’s proven effective at reducing both general anxiety and panic attacks. Simply adjust the pulse settings depending on your anxiety levels to effectively relax in any situation.

With the Chill Pill, you never fight anxiety alone!

enjoy deep, natural sleep

Fall Asleep Faster & Enjoy Better Sleep Quality

The Chill Pill puts you to sleep fast – without the need for drugs!

To fight insomnia, simply hold the Chill Pill in your hand as you go to bed. The gentle pulses train your brain and body to calm down, helping you calmly drift off to sleep.

Not only does the Chill Pill help you fall asleep faster, it’s also been shown to improve the quality of your sleep!1

The Chill Pill Is So Discreet,
Nobody Will Know You're Using It

Non-Invasive & Non-Addictive

Pills can help reduce insomnia & anxiety, but sadly they can lead to new issues like addiction. With the Chill Pill, you aren’t fixing one problem just to create another. It’s non addictive, all-natural & has zero side effects1.

Portable & Discreet

The Chill Pill is lightweight, compact, and wraps comfortably around your wrist with the included bracelet. Throw it in your purse, leave it dangling from your wrist, slip it in and out of your pocket… whatever works for you!

One-Time Purchase

Not only can the Chill Pill help you mitigate the risks associated with anxiety & insomnia drugs, it also helps you mitigate the expense. You’ll save tons of money over time because there are no refills or batteries to replace. Just buy it once!

Here’s Why People Love The Chill Pill

5.0 star rating
Verified Buyer

Must have for mental health

I originally got this thing for my sleep problems (takes hours to get to sleep every night) and it has changed my night routine completely. I look forward to bedtime now! But it's been even better for my ptsd-took my panic attacks down from at least 1-2 a week to maybe 1 a month, best investment ever for the mentally ill lol!

5.0 star rating
Verified Buyer


This little gadget has been a legit game changer for my anxiety. Idk if anyone else gets crazy panicky when getting lashes and nails done but I do... well, I used to! Not anymore, thank god

5.0 star rating
Jerri Winnett‎
Verified Buyer

I purchased the Chill Pill to help me…

I purchased the Chill Pill to help me sleep. I work at night and had a hard time sleeping during the day.

I use the chill pill when I can not relax and wind down enough to go to sleep.

It's made a world of a difference. I am able to go to sleep quickly when using my chill pill.

5.0 star rating
Randi Campbell‎
Verified Buyer

I use my chill pill every single night

I use my chill pill every single night. It really helps settle my mind and help me fall asleep fast. I also use it on high anxiety days.

The Chill Pill Is Easy To Use

People of all ages are using the Chill Pill to effectively reduce their anxiety & insomnia symptoms.

step 1

Turn It On

step 2

Adjust The Pulse

step 3

Find Your Grip

key features

This Could Be The Last “Pill” You’ll Ever Need

1 Charge Lasts 20 Hours -
And it fully charges in 1 hour!
Durable Materials -
Designed to last for years and years
Multiple Colors -
Make it your own!
Safe & Effective -
Science-backed therapy

We’re on a mission to make safe, all-natural relief accessible to all.

Chill Pill co-founder Cheyenne Kingrea struggled with anxiety and insomnia her entire adult life – and for years, she relied on pills to relieve her symptoms.

She struggled with the side effects of drugs and wanted a non-invasive way to help her manage the worst parts of her anxiety and insomnia, without contaminating her body with unknown or synthetic substances. In her research, she discovered that Electrotherapy Stimulation has been used effectively for decades – but it’s been swept under the rug by Big Pharma’s $6 billion advertising budget.3

After trying Electrotherapy once, she was sold! The only problem? The devices on the market were way too expensive and bulky! So she worked tirelessly to mass market a portable, easy-to-use, and affordable device... and that’s how the Chill Pill was born!

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Try the Chill Pill risk-free and if you don’t love it, we’ll fix it.

60-Day Money Back Warranty

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the Chill Pill, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

American-owned business

The Chill Pill is proudly owned and operated in America.

Free, Fast Shipping in the USA

We also provide fast shipping to over 30 countries. Free shipping on qualifying offers only.

Quality Promise

We control every step of the process to ensure a safe1 and high-quality product.

World Class Customer Support

They're real humans, they're quick, and they actually like talking to you.

Mission Driven

Our mission is to help millions of people find drug-free relief from insomnia and anxiety.

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